When I walk into Ray’s I feel like I’m right back home in Chicago! The only thing you’re missing is the rudeness.
— Alex B.
The best Italian Beef Sandwich this side of Chicago.
— Deacon M.
I traveled 2 hours all the way from the west side of the state just to have Ray’s Chicago Dogs
— David T.
The Chicago Dogs are orgasmic!
— Lynn S.
I’ve had a lot of BBQ down south and Ray’s BBQ Pulled Pork is one of the best I’ve ever eaten.
— John E.
The best Veggie Dog & Veggie Burger in town.
— Christian B.
This Peanut Butter Malt is so fantastic that I can’t stop drinking it!
— Logan
In the mood for a dog? Go to Ray’s and you won’t be disappointed!
— Jason W.
The Tofu Dog is phenomenal and I don’t normally like Tofu...so good!
— Mackenzie C.
A great place for lunch!
— Chrissy N.
Great food in a cute little diner atmosphere. Worth the trip!
— Dan B.
Friendly service & amazing hot dogs!
— B.B. H.
You wouldn’t think that this would be a vegetarian’s favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor, but there you go! The Veggie Dog just kicks ass. I live in Manhattan now, and I can’t find a decent Veggie Dog. I miss you Ray’s Red Hots!
— Miriam M.
Love Ray’s Red Hots! You don’t see hot dog stands like this anymore.
— Maddie C.
Fast service, amazing food! Burgers, Waffle Fries & Onion Rings are great. Blackberry Shake is awesome!
— Jonas K.
My most favorite hot dogs in all of Ann Arbor.
— Daniel K.
The atmosphere is awesome - classic dive! Grab a table - it’s small & fills up fast! I plan to come back.
— Curt H.
Food was great! Highly recommend it for everybody! Shakes are amazing - my kids loved them.
— Nick P.
Ray’s tickles my tastebuds every time I go in!
— Nick R.
Ran over from Ross Business School in the rain because my friend recommended it - great choice! I got an order of half waffle fries and half onion rings - delicious!
— Emily N.
My co-workers wanted to try this place out and boy was it worth the bus ride!
— Pretty S.
I had the Chicago Dog for the first time ever and it was AMAZING!
— Freedman L.
Chicago-Style Ray’s Red Hot is awesome! Great dogs, cooked old-school. The best Chicago Dog anywhere!
— Chris H.
I live for food places like this one - small, good-quality tasty food and friendly workers! I went here for lunch and it was delicious.
— Vanessa S.
Went out of my way today to get to Ray’s, and as always it was, of course, absolutely worth it! Ray’s has the best-tasting dogs around.
— John J.
Italian Sausage was great, toppings were fresh, reasonable prices & the large fries were enough for two people. Definitely planning on going more frequently for lunch.
— Phil M.
Tried this place for the first time over the weekend and I LOVE IT! I am obsessed with their Piggyback Fries.
— Alicia S.
The Chicago Dog is insane! I bribe myself with it when I have to do something I don’t want to do.
— Kristen C.
The Chili Cheese Fries and the Milkshakes are to die for! This restaurant is definitely Ann Arbor’s best-kept secret. I don’t think any other restaurant in town has food and customer service like Ray’s. I felt welcomed like a friend from the moment I walked in through the moment I walked out.
— Austin V.
The Diablo Dogs are like potato chips - you can’t have just one! Yum!
— H. W.
Been going here for years now - they make some great hot dogs.
— Jason W.
I’m not normally a hot dog lover, but the Dollar Dogs here from 2 - 5 pm are the best deal in town!
— Christina E.
Ray’s kills it. I’m not usually a hot dog person, but they do it right.
— D. L.
You will not find dogs of this quality elsewhere without making them at home from scratch.
— Jason M.
I usually won’t eat things that are fluorescent green - but the relish here is a definite exception!
— Abe L.
If you want a solid, traditional Chicago Dog in Ann Arbor, this is where you have to go!
— Melissa M.
Wow, wow, wow - can’t believe there’s such a little spot like Ray’s Red Hots! This place is an epic, classic spot in the A2!
— Lindsey T.
I don’t get to Ann Arbor that often, but when I do, I always go to Ray’s Red Hots for lunch.
— Alan S.
Best hot dog place in Ann Arbor, hands down.
— Sarah H.
Found this place by fluke in downtown Ann Arbor, and it’s like it was meant to be. The hot dogs are awesome - you can’t go wrong!
— Laura E.
I love Ray’s! It was great when it was Red Hot Lovers and this new crew is just as good!
— Francois P.
Our little ones ask if we can go to Ray’s about once a week for a dog and cheese fries. I plan on passing this off as a rite of passage to my kids that I hope they will share with their kids also!
— Kevin B.
This is my favorite restaurant in Ann Arbor. Their burgers are TO DIE FOR. I’ve never had a better burger.
— Jill B.
The most affordable and delicious Oreo-Vanilla milkshakes for college students.
— Michael Z.
Not every day’s a good day, but there’s some good in every day...like a Ray’s milkshake!
— Victoria S.
The friendliest place in Washtenaw County. They knew me by name after two visits. Love the Pulled Pork!
— Barnaby P.
The Avocado BLT was one of the most tasty hot dogs I’ve ever had!
— Teddy B.
Ray’s literally has the best food and people. One of Ann Arbor’s best!
— Katie K.
I’ve been coming here since 1998 and it is always great. Best Tempeh Burger in Ann Arbor.
— LJ T.
I moved to Chicago so I’m eating Chicago Dogs out here. I actually prefer Ray’s Chicago Dogs.
— Andrew A.
Best hot dog I’ve ever eaten.
— Mullaney B.
The Avocado BLT Dog tastes as good as it looks, and it looks amazing.
— Kris F.
We love Ray’s! We always stop on our drive from Pittsburgh to Grand Haven!
— Steve S.
I approve of these hot dogs.
— Dominic K.
Good dogs, better people.
— Blake F.
Great service, greater food!
— Deven P.
I eat Ray’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fine establishment!
— Mark R.
Insert inspirational quote here. Love you guys!
— Jasmine M.
The only hot dogs my 3-year-old will eat, and he eats 2 at a time!
— Christopher B.
Friendly staff and the best hot dogs in Ann Arbor!
— Daniel K.
Fast service and great food.
— Lisa K.
Your Wolverine Dog was the best I’ve had in a long time.
— Robert M.
Chicago Dog is awesome!!!!
— Mark O.
Loved your spot. Thank you for your service and your delicious food.
— Daisy L.
A delight to enjoy your food and great service when in Ann Arbor, especially with one of the kids - all of whom went to the U of M. Thank you.
— Jane P.
Your staff was great and the food was awesome, too!
— Susan K.
Ray’s Red Hots’ Coconut Curry Potato Chips changed my life. CHANGED MY LIFE, I TELL YOU. Since eating them for the first time this afternoon, to boot. I scoff at everyone else’s inferior chips. Ray’s Red Hots reigns chip supreme.
— Sarah S.
Though the name has changed, it’s still the best hot dog anywhere!
— Brian G.
Thought the place was awesome! Quick, professional service and the food was delicious!
— Nikki N.
The food and shakes are amazing and the service is super friendly and nice.
— Thomas K.
Best dogs I’ve ever had. And I reserve the word “best” for the actual best.
— Tom K.
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich was the bomb!
— Andrew L.
This place is the best.
— Caitlin K.
Best milkshakes around!
— James H.