The perfect dog starts with a locally baked, steamed bun – our bread is born in Michigan and delivered fresh, never frozen. The next step for a perfect dog is, of course, the dog! Our 100% Angus Beef Wolverine Dogs and Red Hots are made right here in Michigan, customized to our specifications and delivered in (get this!) 1,500-lb batch loads.

In the mood for a great burger or sandwich? You’ve come to the right place! Our burgers are hand-ground by local favorite Knight’s Meat Market and delivered fresh - like our bread, they’ve never seen the inside of a freezer. Our pulled pork and Italian beef are slow-cooked to perfection using proprietary techniques developed by Owner Ray Johnston.


Vegetarians and vegans, never fear – we have something for you, too! Our certified organic tofu “No Dog” and tempeh “No Burger” are made right here in Ann Arbor, by local favorite Rosewood Farms. Our waffle fries and home-made potato chips are crafted from Idaho Yukon Gold potatoes and fried in 100% soybean oil. Our milkshakes (35 flavors in total!) are made from locally sourced dairy, delivered fresh!